About Somos Arte

Somos Arte is a multinational initiative designed to bring visibility to the creative communities of El Salvador. Our team is made up of both Salvadoran and Salvadoran Americans, creating an environment of learning and organic community building. Currently, our goal is to complete a documentary series covering a variety of topics within Salvadoran culture.

Coming Soon

We are currently working on Episode 2, where we'll take a deep dive into the past, present, and future of the coffee industry in El Salvador.

Episode 1: Una Industria

Episode 1: "Una Industria" features podcast host, Gloria Figueroa. After 19 years of not visiting El Salvador, the home country of her parents, she reconnects with her roots and she discovers a buzzing arts scene in the capital city of San Salvador. Watch as she navigates through the different creative hubs, and interviews musicians, producers, managers, DJs and artists.

Featured artists on this episode:
Cartas A Felice
Luciana Fortis
Debil Estar

A Normandie Records Production in collaboration with Tripode AudioVisual.
Executive Producer: Erick Sanchez

Featured music in order of appearance:
Intro Score by Audio Maldito
"El Zope" by Cartas A Felice
"Kitsch En C" by Cartas A Felice
"Frutsi" by Gabriela Triste
"On The Sand" by Camelo
"Si Tu Estas Aqui" by Camelo
"Krudo" by Snif
"Rap ES" by Pescozada
"Such A Fool" by AR Ferdinand
"Liviano" by Carrot